Flood and Fire Sandbags

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Flood Preparation

Flooding is nature's #1 killer. When threatened with rising flood water, it is important to have a plan, including a ready stock of sandbags. Poly sandbags are the tool of choice to create a water proof barrier that protects your home, business, and valuables.

Poly Sandbags

Post Fire Protection

After a large scale forest fire, communities still face a very real threat: mudslides. When ground vegetation is burned, the loose soil and ash left behind are vulnerable to heavy rains. Without rooted plants, water will collect all debris from the forest floor, and carry it downhill, often to populated areas. As runoff picks up speed, the erosion effects increase generating a snowball effect. To combat post fire mudslides, communities should implement measures to slow down water flow and dissipate flood channels until vegetation can grow back.

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