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Circular Sandbags
Circular Sandbags
Circular Sandbags
Circular Sandbags
Circular Sandbags
Circular Sandbags
Circular Sandbags
Circular Sandbags
Circular Sandbags
Circular Sandbags
Circular Sandbags
Circular Sandbags
Circular Sandbags
Circular Sandbags
Circular Sandbags

Circular Sandbags

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Circular Sandbags are perfect for weighting umbrella bases, awnings and all other applications where weight must be deployed around a central pole.

Stackable.Our Circular Sandbags each weigh 25lb when filled and can be stacked as high as you like around a central support pole to achieve as much weight as you require. Whether it’s adding weight to a concrete pole base, adding weight to an outdoor heater, or stabilizing an umbrella base or a centrally-hoisted awning, these Circular Sandbags by The Sandbag Store® offer incredible versatility and are invaluable when it comes to keeping things grounded even in high winds.

Item Details

• Holds 25lb of Sand or Stone

• Stackable to Achieve as Much Weight as You Need

• Fits Around Pipe Diameters up to 4”

• Durable Cordura Fabric Offers 3 Year Outdoor Lifespan

• Now Available Pre-Filled!

• 100% USA Made
American Craftsmanship. There is no other sandbag on the market that offers the same high quality Cordura fabric composition, double stitched seams, and sturdy zipper opening for such a great price.

Optional Sun Cover Planning on keeping these bags outdoors in high sunlight conditions? We now offer vinyl sun covers that wont fade or sun rot in four attractive colors! Easy to clean and designed to last years in the harshest environments.
Easy to Carry and Long-Lasting. Thanks to the conveniently attached carry handle you can confidently shift our Circular Sandbags with ease – even when filled. And thanks to their durable Cordura fabric, these units are guaranteed to last 3 years outdoors. No more buying a new sandbag each time BBQ season comes around!

Available Empty or Filled. We are now delighted to offer our bestselling Circular Sandbags either empty or filled.

Just like everything at The Sandbag Store®, our Circular Sandbags are 100% made with pride in the USA and shipped nationally at no cost to you.

Please note that if you select the Pre-Filled Option for your Circular Sandbags they cannot be express shipped through our site – so if you need these bags pre-filled and in a hurry, give The Sandbag Store® a call right now so we can make it happen for you.
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Circular Sandbags PRODUCT REVIEWS
Review Summary
129 Reviews
95% (122)
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99% Recommend this product (128 of 129 responses)
By Dave
Santa Cruz, California
An unsung necessity for film making
September 30, 2021
It is often commented in the world of film and perhaps still photography that regular (rectangular) sandbags are not a great fit for folding stands - as opposed to C-stands, which they do fine with. Well, folding stands are a basic item when a C-stand is overkill, and this is the sandbag for those folding stands. I don't think I have seen them discussed on any film making tutorials on YouTube. I can't remember how I found them. They are a great design for this purpose. They are not cheap for indie filmmakers like me but bear in mind that they take the place of a crew member holding down the stand, and that they will last more or less forever.
A necessity for folding stands in the world of film and photography. Seems like they will last forever. A bit pricey it might seem, but they are a rugged, long-term investment and save time and labor.
By Michelle
Twigs Tavern and Grille, Rochester MN
Handy Umbrella Bags!
September 4, 2020
Easy to fill. Easy to carry. Very durable! Buying some more today for another patio!
Sleek design Easy to carry with built-in handle My open patio is so windy I needed two per umbrella but they still looked great!
By Katherine
Rhode Island
Worked great holding down my outdoor Christmas trees!
February 8, 2023
Every Christmas, I put two pre-lit aluminum trees outside my front door. I live in New England, by the water, and it gets VERY windy at times and within days of putting them out, they're always on the ground. I've never been able to find the right product to secure them and now I have! Thank you. The circular sandbags worked great and they didn't tip over or even budge from their spot on my front porch. Thank you!
By Steve
Philadelphia, PA
So far so good...
February 1, 2023
We ordered our first set of Sandbags about a year ago. Since then we have been impressed with their durability. We film high school lacrosse tournaments all across the country so the bags have been in cargo vans, Sprinter vans, and box trucks along with tons of other gear. None of them have torn or separated. They have held up well and we will continue to use them for our lighting stands/tripods and tents.
By Keenan P.
Salt Lake City, Utah
I'm in love... seriously!
January 4, 2023
I love these sand bags. I bought 12 of them and they are SOOOOO much better than what I was using (50 pound gravel bags). Each sand bag weighs around 22-25 lbs so it's not too taxing to carry one in each hand. The handles are great and sturdy. I appreciate that there isn't any unsightly branding on the bag and being able to put it around a pipe after my displays are already set up has been amazing. It's also kind of fun to spray them with a hose if they do get dirty and watch the water bead up and run right off.

100% recommend these sand bags!
Sturdy No Ugly Logos Great Handle Fits around and stays attached to poles Great price for the quality Great Turn Around Time I don't really have a great way to store them so they just sit on my garage floor and get dirty.
By Jan H.
Lebanon, OH
Great product, great company!
December 31, 2022
I am very pleased with our sandbags. We are musicians, and we were frustrated with wobbly mic stands -- we use clip on stands on top to hold lyrics, and a few other things that cause our mic stands to be top heavy, and the bases weren't heavy enough to provide stability.
I searched around for sandbags and found The Sandbag store -- problem solved. When I called I spoke with a real person, got excellent advice, ordered our sandbags, and they arrived quickly. They are very sturdy, and were easy to fill using sand from a local hardware store. (use plastic baggies to put the sand in, then place in the sandbags to keep the sand from being messy.)
Our mic stands are now as stable as can be.
A very good experience using this store from start to finish. I highly recommend!

Jan House
Merchant Response:Thanks for the kind words Jan! We are happy to help stabilize your stands so you can focus on the music.
Great customer service, quick shipping, sturdy product -- the carrying handles really help out with carrying the weight of filled bags. no cons.
By greg
Long Island, NY
BINGO!! Killed My Speaker Stand Worries
December 29, 2022
I thought that I was resigned to having to attempt to use this otherwise excellent Koenig + Meyer height adjustable stand with a 55lb weights on my carpeted floor. And there's only 8 mm inner diameter clearance. Instead, I can use two of of these circular bags with non-magnetic dry kiln sand or non-magnetic rock and I should be fine.

By Maggie
Very durable and well-made
October 12, 2022
We ordered two bags for a patio umbrella pole. The size, shape and weight are perfect, exactly what we were looking for when we saw this store recommended in a review on another website. The bags and UV covers are well-made, and seem very durable so far. Any future sandbag purchases will definitely be from The Sandbag Store, without hesitation. Shipping was fast, and the bags were easy to fill. Having two smaller bags instead of one huge bag make it much easier to move things around, as well.
Durable, attractive and unobtrusive, perfect size and shape None
By Tom
Fowlerville, Mi
Table/Umbrella Stabilization
October 5, 2022
We used the sandbags for stability of a circular table with umbrella. Easy to do and is working fine even with quite high winds.
Completely satisfied. Simple to use.
By Mary
Los Angeles, CA
Prefilled Round Sandbag
September 22, 2022
I purchased the prefilled round sandbag and I am thrilled with my purchase!
The sandbag does so much to maintain the stability of my outdoor patio umbrella.
Kudos also to "The Sandbag Store for timely shipping and great Customer Service. I will be a customer for life.
Arrived timely. Great quality fabric and very well made. I am impressed. Thank you! No Cons.
By Don
San Antonio
September 14, 2022
We have four umbrellas on our patio and they were blowing over all the time since we purchased the sandbags they have not blown over one time. Worth every penny!!!!
By Terri
Handy Sandbag
August 10, 2022
I love this circular sandbag you are a genius thanks. My umbrella is the only one in the neighborhood to still be standing on a windy day. If I had another umbrella I would buy more. I will have to have a talk with my neighbors.
Very sturdy and looks good. Better then the sandbag I had previously. None
By Classic G.
Santa Barbara
July 22, 2022
These round sandbags are just perfect for our patio umbrella. The wind can pick up unexpectedly but I no longer worry with two of these on the stand. They are sturdy, easy to carry (neat handle!) and look very nice. Much better than the stones we used to use. Plus, made in America -- can't beat that.
By Studio B.
Eastern Shoreline - LI, NY
A Fine Item
June 17, 2022
This is a very well constructed item on a level with
furniture upholstery. Great finishing, sensible design
and hardware, all made to be easily handled and
Order swiftly sent and packed perfectly.
Great price, excellent quality.
All None
By K F.
Excellent Quality
May 9, 2022
Exceptionally well-made and thoughtfully designed. I ordered pre-filled bags which was convenient.

These are used to keep mic, light, and speaker stands from toppling over.

These are the highest quality professional use sandbags I've seen.
By Jim B.
West Linn, Oregon
Well done
April 30, 2022
My circular pre-filled bag arrived in great shape, looks good, is functional, and holds down my umbrella stand. Pre-sales support was prompt. I wish the website was more detailed with the exact dimensions all around.
By Tina P.
Philadelphia, PA
Very pleased!
April 7, 2022
I bought 8 of these sandbags for my two outdoor propane heat lamps. During the year, they had both crashed down and got pretty bent. I considered all options for stablizing them and decided to use the sandbags. I have 3 on the neck area ( filled with sand) and 1 against the wheel base on each. We recently had huge winds of close to 60 mph and they did not move!!! So happy with them.
easy to stack, simple looking, sturdy hmmmm. well, if I need to move the lamps, I will need to remove them, since they weigh down the lamps. I don't have any cons to mention now.
By Andrew
Good quality, only holds 20 lbs
April 1, 2022
I opened up a 20 pound bag of sand, filled the sandbag until it was overflowing, and there is still sand left in the 20 pound bag. There's no way I could fit five more pounds in there. Other than that, it seems to be working well.
Merchant Response:Thanks for the review Andrew. This product has a volume of about .25 cubic feet. Standard sand weighs around 110 lbs per cubic foot. The density of material can differ based on its composition. It sounds like you used a lighter, fluffier material than traditional silica sand. You may consider changing out your material.
By samysc
Porter Ranch, CA
Amazing product and customer service
February 8, 2022
I live in an area where 70-75 mph winds are the norm during winter months. We routinely have items blowing around and damaged in our backyard. I came across the Sandbag Store and figured I would give it a try to weigh down several items in the backyard- I tried every other method previously. I can't emphasize enough how easy it was to purchase exactly what I needed. Before I received my first order, I called customer service with a question and it was like talking to a friend on the other end of the line. After receiving the items, they performed beyond expectations when the first winds hit. I quickly purchased more sandbags and have told everyone in the area about their products and service. Good work Sandbag Store!
By Mark
Perfect for my needs
January 25, 2022
It is used to hold down my satellite dish I made a insert with a eye hook and it sits under the tripod legs and with small a mount of paracord tied to the eye hook and my portable satellite dish it won’t fall over or blow over.
It looks great
By Nancy
Sandbags work well.
January 19, 2022
We have 3 of these circular sandbags. In addition to using for our outdoor umbrellas, we had the idea to use at with our outdoor patio heaters. It prevents them from tipping over in the wind. We place it inside under the propane tank.
By Tim
Great for Boom Bases
January 18, 2022
These work perfect for boom bases. Clean look and easy to use.
Neat and clean look for booms Hooks around pipe Very specific use only
By Mike
Pacific North West
Great Product, exactly as advertised!!
October 18, 2021
I am amazed at, and happy with, two things.....1) that such a great niche company as yours exists, and 2) that this product exists!! Thank you. It fit a unique application perfectly. Wish I had thought of your solutions myself when I retired from the military. Great job, and thank you!
Merchant Response:Thanks for your service Mike! Oorah
By Hannah
Circular Sandbag
September 16, 2021
Recently I purchased a free standing plant stand with four arms. It blew over several times. I finally decided to research my options and came upon the Sandbag Store. They were extremely helpful when I called with questions. I ordered the circular sandbag, which fit perfectly around the base of the plant stand and it never fell over again.
The Sandbag Store is is very helpful. Delivery was also prompt. None
By freedave69
Kill Devil Hills, NC
September 2, 2021
I purchased two sandbags several years ago to hold down two sturdy tables on my upper deck in windy NC. Filled each with about 25 lbs. of sand and they do a great job. They do fade in the sun but not really an issue for me. I recently bought two more of the same bags to give even more support to my tables when the wind is very strong. I would recommend these bags and would buy them again as needed.
sturdy. Easily carried with handles. Some fading after years in the sun but still holding up under NC weather.
Great Product
August 25, 2021
I have purchase 3 of these bags. They are ez to handle, rugged material and a great shape that just blends in with the base.( It only took me 4-5 tumbled over broken umbrellas to find this product..0245627520171E+34;) Plus the company "HAS" customer service which seems rare the days.
By Carolyn
Washington , DC
Just what I needed.
August 13, 2021
I have a lovely rooftop deck over my loft but it is sweltering in the summertime. It’s also quite breezy up there and no umbrella stands we’re doing the trick to keep my shade from flying away. I filled two of these sandbags up and haven’t had a problem since. And they are much better than a ridiculously large umbrella base that takes up 1/2 the deck! They have been out in the beating down sun and rain for the past 3 months and are holding up very well! Highly recommend these!
Sturdy. Nice buckle to keep them in place. Difficult to buckle when they are full of sand.
By Mark M.
July 28, 2021
Exactly what I needed to secure our Lighted palm tree on top of our houseboat!
By Judy
Santa Rosa, CA
Excellent product, quick delivery
July 12, 2021
I just ordered a second pair if these with UV covers. We periodically get a lot of wind and would have to run outside and remove our umbrellas from the base or else they would blow over, damaging the umbrella.

We put two round bags on one umbrella and 50 lbs of playground sand (Home Depot) filled both. Super easy to fill and they are hardly noticeable on the black umbrella stand. And they arrived very quickly.
Easy to fill, well made and they work! None.
By Martha
Burlington, Vermont
July 8, 2021
I got three of these for art- and card-display spinners for my pop-up craft booth. They are the BEST. I brag about them to every other vendor who stops by. They are so well made and beautiful and FUNCTIONAL. High winds? No problem. Toddlers spinning the racks unsupervised? No problem. I can't believe I waited this long to find this product. I love them so much. You pay for quality, and they are SO worth it.
Well made Beautiful Functional Have a handle American made Sturdy Holds a great amount of sand No cons