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Geotextile Sandbags
Geotextile Sandbags
Geotextile Sandbags

Geotextile Sandbags

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Product Features & Benefits

Our PP Non-woven, Needle-punched, Geotextile material allows water and air to pass through while retaining internal contents. Superior strength geotextile fabrics provided extended usage life. Includes steel bag ties.

  • Extreme versatility.
  • Superior fill-retention while allowing air and moisture to pass through.
  • UV, mildew, rot and extreme-weather resistance.
  • Resists biological, commonly found soil chemicals and environmental deterioration.
  • Long-lasting strength and puncture retention while maintaing dimension stability (wont stretch or break under heavy pressure).
  • Available in 4 oz or 8 oz thickness
  • D.O.T. approved (NTPEP)
  • Low cost (especially when compared to bricks or stone).
  • 14" x 26" dimensions is the perfect size for adding mass and stability while still being easy to handle without special equipment.
  • Made in USA
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Property 4 oz. 8 oz. ASTM
Tensile Strength 100 lb. 205 lb. D-4632
Mullen Burst 210 p.s.i. 350 p.s.i. D-3786
Puncture Strength 65 lb 130 lb D-4833
Water Flow 140 g/min/f^2 95 g/min/f^2 D-4491
UV Resistance @ 500 hrs Greater than 70% Greater than 70% D-4355

Looking for the best Sandbags made from Geotextile?

Our Geotextile bags are ideal for building a sandbag retaining wall (or almost any other forms of earthbag construction)

What's the difference between sandbags and earthbags?

Geotextile bags from the Sandbag Store work perfectly for either sandbag or earthbag applications. That's because sandbags are merely filled with sand and earthbags are filled with soil (mixture of dirt, clay, silt, sand and gravel). (The benefits of earth-fill is that it is readily available almost anywhere and the clay acts like glue while the grit adds bulk.)

Popular Uses

These Geotextile bags are well-suited for a wide variety of filtration, separation and and protection landscaping purposes.

We have customers using these geotextile earth bags for building military bunkers, sandbag retaining walls, flood walls, erosion control, slope, shoreline or stream stabilization, building raised-garden beds, earthbag wall fences and earthbag structures.

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