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Tube Sandbags
Tube Sandbags
Tube Sandbags
Tube Sandbags
Tube Sandbags
Tube Sandbags
Tube Sandbags

Tube Sandbags

Pack of 10 Bags
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Tube Sandbags
Tube Sandbags
Tube Sandbags
Tube Sandbags
Tube Sandbags
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Elongated sandbags perfect for diverting water, blocking doorways or adding traction!

Essential Flood Prevention. Our Tube Sandbags, sometimes called snake sandbags, are available in lengths ranging from 2’ - 5’ and each 5” high and wide when filled, making them the perfect solution to emergency flood prevention as well as water diversion projects.

Product Details:
  • Includes 10 bags. Not available individually.
  • Handles Sewn Into Each Bag For Easy Handling
  • Unique Velcro Closure For End-to-End Sand Fill
  • Sturdy Canvas Construction With 3+ Year Outdoor Lifespan
  • Adaptable Filling. Fill with sand or gravel or any other similar substance to quickly achieve an excellent supporting sandbag that, thanks to its tube shape, offers high versatility. Unique Velcro closure allows sand to fill the bag from one end to the other, permitting bags to be butted up end-to-end when creating diversion curbs.
    Traction Enhancement. Add traction to your vehicle by placing our Tube Sandbags in your trunk or truck bed or enhance your training regime by integrating into your duffle bag style fitness shells.

    Easy Handling, Long Lasting. Even when using our longest and heaviest Tube Sandbags, durable sewn-in handles ensure they are easy to maneuver and quick to deploy in emergency situations. Velcro closure offers fast filling and secure closure while the sturdy canvas outer fabric is guaranteed to last over 3 years outdoors, making them perfectly suited to your prolonged water diversion projects.

    Power in Numbers. The Tube Sandbags are one of The Sandbag Store’s bestsellers, available in a range of colors including green, black, white, tan and orange, in packs of 10 for each of the available sizes. Volume discounts available.

    Filled Bag Weight By Length: 10 lb/ft – Bags Ship Empty
  • 2’ ~ 20 lbs
  • 3’ ~ 30 lbs
  • 4’ ~ 40 lbs
  • 5’ ~ 50 lbs
  • All Lengths Are 5” High and 5” Wide When Filled.

    Just like every sandbag at The Sandbag Store, our Tube Sandbags are made with pride in the USA and shipped nationally at no cost to you!
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    Tube Sandbags PRODUCT REVIEWS
    Review Summary
    81 Reviews
    90% (73)
    7% (6)
    1% (1)
    1% (1)
    0% (0)
    98% Recommend this product (79 of 81 responses)
    By Bea
    Quality is top notch! Really solid product!
    December 23, 2023
    The craftsmanship is beautiful. The Velcro is solid and the handles makes it so easy to move. We had a couple of big 50 pound bags of sand which were impossible to move around we used to fill our new sandbags and it’s a huge difference.
    • None
    By Walter
    Dunedin, Florida
    Florida SandBag Customer
    November 27, 2023
    My first order was just to try out the product. It worked well during the next hurricane, so I ordered again. The tube bags worked far better than traditional sandbags. So I ordered even more. After each hurricane event I spread all the tube bags out in the sun on a dark blue tarp to dry out. Once dried I store them in my shed. My original order of tube bags are green, next order orange and this year’s order beige. Each bar weighs 20 pounds +/- so they are easy to carry and move around.

    I have used sandbox sand from big box stores to fill the bags.
    • Use year after year. My 4 year old bags are just as good as my new ones.
    • No cons
    By Bill R.
    Orange County, Ca
    Great product!
    November 10, 2023
    We have been using these bags for a couple months and they are great.We use compactor bags as a liner for the sand and fill them just enough to conform to uneven surfaces.We make them heavy enough for holding down rubber drain covers while pressure washing.I will be buying more.Also they have a handle/strap which makes them easy to carry.
    By Larry G.
    Ironton, Ohio
    Best Sanmdbags EVER
    October 10, 2023
    After trying other sandbags, The canvas sandbags from the sandbag store are far and away the best. The strength and durability and life of the canvas bags are unsurpassed. Also, the handles on the side makes them easy to pick up and transport.
    • Strength
    • Durable
    • Long life
    • Handles
    • Easy to fill
    • No Cons
    • I need more...
    By Linda C.
    Stamford, CT
    Well made product
    May 18, 2023
    I purchased the bags to hold down a solarizing tarp. They are doing a fine job. They are well made and easy to fill. I purchased some playground sand from Home Depot. The velcro is super tight and keeps the sand from spilling.
    By CharlieB
    South Carolina
    The two strap handles are a nice touch.
    April 11, 2023
    I puchased the sandbags more to keep cold air from flowing into the base of a very large fiberglass enclosure that covers a well, electric panel, and large water filter outside my home than flood water.
    • Light weight and flexible. Easy to position around irregular shapes.
    • Traditional sandbags are easily stacked to create high and stable barriers. Narrow cylindrical tubes, if stacked, are likely neither. One is better than the other depending on job requirements.
    By Sam
    Worked well as advertised!
    April 10, 2023
    Although having to order of 10 when I only needed one wasn't desireable, the bag is of high quality material and well designed for the purpose I had in mind. It worked great during what was a record rainy season for our state.
    By Charles S.
    36" Tube Sandbags
    March 28, 2023
    I ordered the 36" Tube Sandbags (black), Thursday March 23rd at 9:00 pm. They were delivered Saturday March 25th by 10:00 am. I purchased these to "recycle" the sand from the 60lb sand tubes I use for weight in my Pick up truck during the winter. Those tubes fall apart after one or two seasons. I don't think that will happen with these. Very well made product! It would be nice if they held a little more sand but the lighter weight combined with the carry handles make them easier to load and unload from my truck and 10 of them should be plenty for traction. Made in USA. Fast delivery and quality you can see and feel.
    • Well made, fast shipping and made in USA.
    • For my purpose I would like to see the tubes made wider to hold more sand but a 10 pack should still be plenty of weight.
    By Lyn R.
    Stanwood, WA
    Good and sturdy
    January 12, 2023
    These bags are very sturdy. The handles make them easier to handle.
    By Robert P.
    Wallingford, CT
    Tube Sandbags
    November 13, 2022
    Rugged material, easy to lift handle, easy to fill, strong Velcro closures, nicely stitched
    By Ryan O.
    Lamesa, Texas
    Recycle bin weights
    June 10, 2022
    This a been a wonderful purchase for me to weight down 96 gallon receptacles for curbside recycle service in West Texas winds. The product quality is great and would recommend any to purchase American made sand bags that will last. However, the customer service is over the top. In a post Covid most companies have an at best below average support. The Sandbag Store is the standard that all companies should follow.
    • Great quality products.
    • Top class customer service
    • Thanks for the kind words Ryan!
    By Jan
    South Dakota
    Tube sandbag
    June 4, 2022
    It’s been so windy in SD that I needed something to place over the feet on my 2x4 boards, which I put my letters and graphics into, to keep it from tipping over. These tube bag are easy to fill, carry, and store.
    By Dick
    Upstate NY
    very well made and do the job
    January 20, 2022
    My garage floor and driveway are basically on the same plane. When we get heavy rain, the water finds its way into the garage. I use the bags as a temp dyke and it does the job. When the rain is over I can easily move to the bags. They have handles. Also, the bags seem to be waterproof. I've had for over a year and never had to replace the sand. I live in the northeast and they are flexible even in the cold weather.
    By Caroline
    San Diego
    LOVE these sand bags
    October 26, 2021
    We bought the 24" bags a few years ago. I filled them FULL! OH DUH I think they work better partly full,
    at last to stop rain water. They have been a garage saver for flooding. however the grout between tiles let the rain slip under the very tight bags.
    Now, the "straw-man" water divertor has been replaced by the 36" new bags!
    We will fill them @ half + full so they can mold to the walk-ways.
    LOVE these bags, they wear like iron. We keep them under our patio deck out of the sun.
    they are like new! !! THANK YOU SANDBAG STORE!!
    • clean, look nice, get the water diverted, down the walk way, NOT in garage.
    • Easy to move, & remove
    • 0 cons, love them!
    By Arthur R.
    Red Creek NY
    June 19, 2021
    I just received my ten five foot tubes today ( sat 19 Jun ). We filled 3 each with sand Had to put them out as it was already raining. I carried one about 30 ft and a handle ripped loose on one side already. Hope these are as good as they are advertised. I will let you know more after used a couple days

    SFC RETIRED. Arthur R Riggs

    Merchant Response:Arthur, Thank you for the review. It is not acceptable for your handle to have failed and I am sorry for this experience. We have sent you a replacement bag and added an inspection step to the handle attachment line to ensure handle integrity going forward. Please accept our apologies and thank you for your service to our country. Respectfully, Chris Haas President, Founder
    By Grey
    Los Angeles, CA
    Terrific! Worth every penny
    February 14, 2021
    I've got a converted garage with an uneven slab and I needed something to help keep water out. These fit the bill perfectly and they look great. Couldn't find them anywhere else. Glad I came upon this site. Oh yeah...super fast delivery too. Thanks, Sandbag Store!
    By Michael
    La Mesa, CA
    A very practical solution...
    January 31, 2021
    I have a bizarre flooding situation. I can't keep all the flooding out of my garage, but once the water gets in, I can control where it goes and get it out of there before everything gets damaged. They are much easier to handle than my other, standard sand bags and lets me accomplish the task at hand with fewer sand bags. Couldn't be happier!
    • Handles for easy carrying.
    • Ability to control the flow of water with its tubular shape.
    • Requires fewer sand bags so you have less strain on your back!
    By LynR
    Unique design but needs improvement
    January 9, 2021
    The bags seem well constructed and hold at least the stated amount of sand. I bought them for the handles. Unfortunately, the handles are the same size as the bag so there is no space to put your fingers let alone your hands through them. They are good bags but don't buy them for the handles.

    Merchant Response:Thanks for the great feedback! There is a purpose for the handles to be even with the bag fabric - tube sandbags can be a serious trip hazard if the handles formed loops above the bag. Since sand is generally soft, and the bags are designed to be filled slightly less than completely full, the handles should be usable. If seeking a bag with a large sturdy loop handle, customers can consider Saddle Sandbags. Again we appreciate the review and are always open to these great ideas and honest feedback. Respectfully, Chris Haas President & Founder
    • Durable
    • Handles not accessible
    By Henry
    Flood control
    January 6, 2021
    The bags are well made, attractive, easy to fill and seal up nicely. My basement thanks you.
    By Mark
    New York
    48" sand bags
    December 27, 2020
    Worked perfect for what I need them for. I still have one I ordered 5 years ago. Great product.
    By Justin E.
    Vilas, NC
    Tube Sandbags
    December 9, 2020
    The handles need to be longer as when the tubes are full it's hard to get your fingers under them. Overall, a great product and I will probably be buying more. A question, can they be used to pin a silo tarp instead of using sawdust or dirt?
    By James P.
    San Diego, CA
    Sexy sandbags!
    December 5, 2020
    I wanted something nice to hold down the bottom of the clear plastic tarps on my patio cover. Regular, poly-based sandbags weren't going to cut it. Then I found these - the perfect size and very attractive. The seem very high quality and should last for several seasons.
    • Heavy duty material
    • Attractive
    • Nice color options
    • Perfect size for my needs
    • Kind of pricey!
    By Where L.
    Levittown Pa
    Excellent Product!
    December 3, 2020
    Exactly what we were looking for to secure vases in transport for our flower business. Thank you for the speedy delivery!
    • Sturdy construction, well made and seal completely
    By Richard
    Appears to be well-built
    December 2, 2020
    Just got them and filled with sand. Easy to do, and the Velcro does a good job of closing the end. The bags appear to be well-built, and the material feels tough. Planning on ordering another set.
    By Tom B.
    Milwaukee, WI
    Serves the purpose
    November 19, 2020
    Bought a box of these for ballast for my truck in the winter - hopefully this will be a lifetime supply. They're doing the job so far. My only gripe is they're made of pretty thin material, but since it's nylon, maybe that's OK? They're not going to be tossed around, just moved out of the bed in the Spring.

    Merchant Response:Thanks for the review Tom. The fabric is the best marine-grade fabric for this use we could find. If you have any trouble over the next three years, please contact me directly for free replacements. Respectfully, Chris Haas President, Founder
    • Good value for the money.
    • Made of thin(ish) material.
    By Casey R.
    Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Great product and easy to use
    November 11, 2020
    I needed additional weight for my truck in Winter. Traditionally I have used the sand tubes from hardware stores, but they tear, sand falls out, etc and then the next season they are junk.

    These were easy to use, clean and well built.
    • Excellent quality, easy to use.
    • none so far
    By Prasad
    Germantown TN
    Sand tubes
    November 1, 2020
    Very well fabricated, good looks, good price
    • Durable attractive fair price
    • None
    By Joan
    Pompano Beach, FL
    5 Star
    October 29, 2020
    As a property manager - I would recommend this company highly. Our association has ordered from them twice and they have delivered what they advertised.
    By Garrett B.
    Ogunquit, Maine
    Great Durability and Looks
    October 25, 2020
    We use these in our gardens to hold down row cover and silage tarps over our beds. Before these we used U-****'s woven poly bags that would seemingly dissolve in sunlight within a few months and leak the contents all over our manicured garden. Not a single canvas bag from the Sandbag Store has degraded after two seasons (USDA zone 5A) and what looks like many more to come. I'm especially impressed with the velcro seal holding the contents in, these have been tossed, dropped, submerged in mud, over wintered in the field, exposed to any and all elements, and they keep holding up.

    The strap handle is very useful in our application as we have to move them on and off the tarps and the strap is a time saver that I didnt see coming until many hours of use. And if your fingers are strong enough you can carry three in each hand using their strap handles. The canvas is strong, just the other day I was edging sod and one of these bags was hidden and overgrown by meadow grass and I hit it directly with my spade and it wasn't punctured or torn at all by the hit. Very impressed. Yes they cost a fortune relative to other sandbags but if your business depends on sandbags staying put and not falling apart or leaking these are worth the 'one and done' purchase. We chose the narrow tube style bags as they are laid parallels in our garden's footpaths which are only 18" wide and they fit great.
    • Durable Canvas
    • Durable Velcro
    • Strap Handle is a time saver
    • Weather and sun proof
    • Aesthetically pleasing colors
    • Looks professional
    • Expensive for what appears to be a basic fabric textile product
    By ?70 S.
    Buffalo NY
    Very durable-well made bags
    October 10, 2020
    These bags are very durable and am sure would work well for what most people would use these for. I however found a different use for them and am very satisfied. I have a custom ‘70 El Camino SS and wanted to add weight to the rear of the car so there is a compartment underneath bed that I was able to purchase several sand bags from a big box store and empty sand into these bags so I am confident that they will not rupture over of all they are made in THE US OF A
    • Easy to fill and very durable
    • The carry strap is very convenient makes it easier to deadlift
    • Made in THE US OF A
    • None that I see happening