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Tube Sandbags
Tube Sandbags
Tube Sandbags
Tube Sandbags
Tube Sandbags

Tube Sandbags

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Tube Sandbags
Tube Sandbags
Tube Sandbags
Tube Sandbags
Tube Sandbags
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Elongated sandbags perfect for diverting water, blocking doorways or adding traction!

Essential Flood Prevention. Our Tube Sandbags are available in lengths ranging from 2’ - 5’ and each 5” high and wide when filled, making them the perfect solution to emergency flood prevention as well as water diversion projects.
Adaptable Filling. Fill with sand or gravel or any other similar substance to quickly achieve an excellent supporting sandbag that, thanks to its tube shape, offers high versatility. Unique Velcro closure allows sand to fill the bag from one end to the other, permitting bags to be butted up end-to-end when creating diversion curbs.
Traction Enhancement. Add traction to your vehicle by placing our Tube Sandbags in your trunk or truck bed or enhance your training regime by integrating into your duffle bag style fitness shells.

Easy Handling, Long Lasting. Even when using our longest and heaviest Tube Sandbags, durable sewn-in handles ensure they are easy to maneuver and quick to deploy in emergency situations. Velcro closure offers fast filling and secure closure while the sturdy canvas outer fabric is guaranteed to last over 3 years outdoors, making them perfectly suited to your prolonged water diversion projects.

Power in Numbers. The Tube Sandbags are one of The Sandbag Store’s bestsellers, available in a range of colors including green, black, white, tan and orange, in packs of 10 for each of the available sizes. Volume discounts available.

Filled Bag Weight By Length:

• 10 lb/ft – Bags Ship Empty

• 2’ ~ 20 lbs

• 3’ ~ 30 lbs

• 4’ ~ 40 lbs

• 5’ ~ 50 lbs

• All Lengths Are 5” High and 5” Wide When Filled.

Product Details:

• Handles Sewn Into Bag For Easy Handling

• Unique Velcro Closure For End-to-End Sand Fill

• Sturdy Canvas Construction With 3+ Year Outdoor Lifespan

Just like every sandbag at The Sandbag Store, our Tube Sandbags are made with pride in the USA and shipped nationally at no cost to you!