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Sandbag Filling Machines
The equipment you rent speaks volumes about your company. Quality sandbags will protect your inventory and your brand.

TOUGH Crafted with the strongest fabric, hardware, webbing, and threads we could find, our weight bags are designed to survive years of the most abusive renters.

ANCHOR BAGS For the largest equipment such as bounce houses and movie screens, our Titan sandbag line is for you! Stainless steel D rings will hold up to 2,000 pounds, while the built in comfort grip handles protect your staff. No more dangerous and sometimes property damaging stakes.

CLEAN Sandbags that are filled and sewn shut in our factory do not leak sand or emit dust. Our clean chip stone sand will not powderize over time and is safe around electronics and fragile equipment. Fabric water-proofing allows cleaning with a hose or pressure washer without wetting the fill.

BRANDED Print your logo on one or both sides of the sandbag to prevent loss and build company brand. Match the handle, ink, and fabric colors to your logo for truly one-of-a-kind sandbags.

DELIVERED FAST With multiple shipping locations in the U.S., and full in-house manufacturing, your sandbags will typically ship out the same day you order or within 2 days for custom orders. Whether filled or empty we even pay the shipping costs!

What's the best sandbag for events?

Whatever event sandbags you need, the chances are good that we carry it!

Need a way to anchor down signs, banners, umbrellas, or displays -- even on windy days? Our Saddle Sandbags are great for that.

We offer extra large, flat-style Titan® sandbags to hold down jumpers, jump castles or bounce houses.

We've specifically designed Apex® tent weights to anchor popup awnings and canopies and event tents.

We make and sell extra-heavy Ballast Bags for weighing down umbrellas, signs, and dozens of other uses.

We even have Circular Sandbags (donut-shaped) to secure poles, pipes and posts.

PLUS, many of these event-specific sandbags can be custom screen printed with your logo or message.

If you need almost any type of sandbag for an event, chances are, we make it AND we sell it... direct to you... with no middlemen in between.

Don't settle for a tailgate party, street festival, trade show, wedding, farmers market or other event sandbag that's 'sort of right' or 'close' to what you need. Get the 'right' sandbag at the lowest price from The Sandbag Store

Saddle Sandbags
Saddle Sandbags
  • Starting at $24.00
  • Filled and sewn closed
  • Most popular design
  • Easy logo printing
  • Sewn in handle
Titan® Sandbags
Titan® Sandbags
  • Hold up to 70 lb
  • Durable vinyl construction
Circular Sandbags
Circular Sandbags
  • Starting at $29.95
  • Surround pole, pipe, & post
  • 25 lb capacity
  • Stack for more weight
  • Available filled or empty
Apex® Tent Weights
Apex® Tent Weights
  • Secure tents and canopies
  • Each bag holds 40 lb
Ace® Sandbags
Ace® Sandbags
  • Your logo printed on bag
  • From $3.95 ea
Easy event branding with printed logos!
Ballast Bags
Ballast Bags
  • Starting from $21.00
  • Simple rectangular weight
  • 5 - 50 lb sand or shot filled
  • Loose enough to fold in half
  • Lowest cost prefilled bag