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Do you sell burlap sandbags?
No. Burlap sandbags are more-or-less obsolete. Synthetic fabrics last far longer, have no bad odor, are cheaper, and available in many colors. Burlap is still useful for people needing to set a sandbag and have the bag biodegrade in a couple of months.
Do you offer filled sandbags?
Yes, we offer a filled option for all of our sandbags. Generally a drop-down menu is available to select “Filled” sandbags for an added charge. Some of our bags only are available prefilled.
Do you really offer free shipping?
Our #1 asked question. Yes, we offer free standard shipping in the continental USA on all of our empty and filled products. Pre-filled theatrical bags (Saddle, Ballast, Butterfly, & Circular) also ship for free to Alaska & Hawaii in less-than-pallet quantities (less than 50 bags).
Do you ship internationally?
Currently we will ship internationally with orders valued at $5,000.00 or more. The customer is responsible for any duties, taxes, and customs broker fees as well as the cost of shipping the product from Las Vegas, NV U.S.A.
What is the best way to fill the Canopy Sandbag?
A tip is to use a garbage bag as a liner and you can fill it up to 40lbs of sand or gravel. The liner keeps dust contained.
What is the best way to fill the Tube Sandbag?
Use a funnel and only fill it to the Velcro. Larger fill product like chip rock or pea gravel will help eliminate dust if using the bags for fitness.
Are your bulk bags lined?
Our bulk bags are not lined, water will seep through them.
What is the best way to fill the Circular Sandbags?
Fill zip lock style bags (sandwich bags) with sand and put those inside your bag. This will also help keep the sand contained inside the Circular bag.
Are your sandbags waterproof?
Most of our products are made with a water resistant fabric but they do have seams so water can seep in.
Do you use liners inside your Saddle Sandbags?
Yes, please refer to the product detail.
Are you Saddle Sandbags dust proof?
Our Cordura nylon bags that we prefill are dust proof.
Do you do precision weight on filled bags?
We use a calibrated load cell bagging machine with a variance of 2 oz. @ 25 lbs (99.95%). Filled DuraBags, Poly Sandbags, Armor Sandbags, and Ace Sandbags are filled using a volumetric belt bagger which is accurate to +/- 2 lbs @ 40 lbs (95.0%).
Do you do custom weights on filled bags?
Clients needing to order a custom weight should call our office. Generally we will round up to the nearest weight for pricing. As an example, if a client needs 7.5 lb saddle sandbags, we charge for a 10 lb saddle sandbag.
Do you print on the bags?
We have a full in-house print shop. Our print specialist will create a silk screen and print your bags in any single color prior to sewing them. Inks are mixed with a fixing agent to chemically bond the ink to the fabrics. When selecting “Single Color Print” option, we will email you for a copy of your logo and any additional requests you might have. We then email a digital mock-up for your review and acceptance before producing your custom printed sandbags. We do not screen print on poly sandbags.
Do you offer different colors than what is on your website?
For large orders (exceeding $2,000 in value) we can bring in special colored fabrics for your project. Give us a call or complete our Quick Quote form to get started on your custom color sandbags.
How long does it take to get my order?
Orders received by noon PST generally ship same-day from our Las Vegas factory. Delivery is 1-4 business days in the U.S.A. depending on how far from Las Vegas we must ship. If you need an accurate delivery date, give us a call and we will run the numbers for you.
Do you charge sales tax?
We currently do charge sales tax in our home state of Nevada as well as other states that economic nexus requires. If you are tax exempt, you will have an option to enter your tax exemption at checkout and have the sales tax omitted from your order prior to submission.
Do you accept purchase orders?
We do accept purchase orders with an accepted credit application. Government entities can complete our government account setup form in lieu of the credit application. Both documents are available on our Resources page.
Do you sell filled sandbags by the truck load?
The Sandbag Store is the best full-truckload sandbag company in the USA! If you buy sandbags by the truckload, and haven’t received a quote from us, you most likely overpay for an inferior bag. Give us a call or complete the quick quote form to see how affordable and convenient our truckload order process can be.
Do you make custom sandbags?
As an actual factory, not an importer, we make what we sell. This means custom sandbags are not a problem. With in-house sewing, printing, and filling, there isn’t a bag we can’t make. We do have order size minimums depending on the complexity of your custom sandbag project. Complete the quick request form or give us a call to see how The Sandbag Store can make your custom bag idea a reality.
What is the size of your Saddle Sandbags?
Our saddle sandbags sizes are not given out as this is information is proprietary. Our saddle sandbags have a density of 110 lbs/ft^3. Saddle sandbag pockets are designed to be draped over c-stand legs without resting all of the weight on the floor below.
Do you sell bags by size?
We sell bags by weight, the size of the bags have small variations during manufacturing.