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Our Story

Starting A Revolution

Many ask how The Sandbag Store came to be and how it has grown so quickly, so here it is – our story in all its glory, unfinished and building more and more momentum each day!

In 2012, Chris Haas and Steve Burcham, both U.S. combat veterans, recognized a distinct gap in the sandbag industry. Drawing on combined military and industry experience, they launched The Sandbag Store and returned sandbag production to the USA, sparking a new age for our industry while powering the national economy with their focused and ethical veteran-owned business.

A Stronger Sandbag

We quickly met and exceeded the needs of our vast customer base with numerous innovations, the first of these being revolutionizing the once labor-intensive filling process.

Stronger, longer-lasting and pre-filled sandbags became a reality with our DuraBag, the first US-manufactured sandbag with a unique polyethylene mesh fabric and unfathomable 7-year guarantee. Until then, a 3-month lifetime was all sandbags could offer!

Combined with an unprecedented free national shipping offer, the DuraBag instantly placed The Sandbag Store on the map.

Onward And Upward

Interest following the DuraBag was vast and instant – quick expansion saw us providing customers with more and more variants of sandbags and other weight bags, all designed, manufactured and posted with the same in-house attention and unrivalled quality.

We also introduced pre-filled and sewn theatrical sandbags, which revolutionized the industry’s previous Velcro and zipper versions, while our guaranteed free delivery was highly appreciated by independent producers who for the first time could afford pro-grade bags.

The Importance of Improvement

In just 24 months of operation, The Sandbag Store had enjoyed considerable growth and we were continuously expanding our product range to meet an ever-increasing range of industries.

As we introduced low-cost flood sandbags, bulk bags and countless other specialist products, we continued to recognize focused research and development as the key to our growth.

With a firm belief in constant improvement and consumer satisfaction, we paved the way for increased turnaround and further revolutionary designs and even invented improved in-house filling equipment!

Expanding Product Line

By 2015, our product range numbered in the hundreds and provided just as many industries with unrivalled sandbag performance. The ceaseless drive to provide the best new US-made products resulted in some incredible creations that changed the sandbag industry forever – here’s just a couple we’re especially proud of:

The Armor Sandbag

Released in 2015, the Armor Sandbag represented a veteran-owned company’s endeavour to create a bag with all the hardened qualities and indestructible strength of military grade equipment. Veteran-designed and made, the Armor Sandbag was forged through countless rounds of rigorous testing and improvement to become a flagship product unrivalled in strength the world over.

The Ace Sandbag

In 2017, The Sandbag Store totally revamped its acclaimed custom print shop and with it we launched the Ace Sandbag, which drew on all the new print shop’s leading screen printing, sewing and high-speed filling technologies, as well as introduced The Sandbag Store’s new free shipping offer of fully customized durable cloth sandbags in small or large batches.

The Ultimate Bagger

Debuting with immediate sensation at the 2019 National Hurricane Conference, the Ultimate Bagger is already revolutionizing the sandbag filling industry. Pipeline contractors were elated that this dependable unit could actually keep up with their demanding volume requirements. The unprecedented million bag warranty provided piece of mind to entrepreneurs looking to start their own bag filling businesses.

Effortless Innovation

Thanks to our unwavering vision and dedication to doing the best we can, The Sandbag Store finds innovation easy.

Our sandbags are globally trusted and recognized as the leader in their field. Each product undergoes strict inspections throughout every step of manufacturing. Our sandbags are often used as safety devices and product integrity is crucial when public safety is on the line. The Sandbag Store brands and designs are registered with the U,S, Patent and Trademark Office and manufactured and sold exclusively from our 32,000 sq. ft. facility in Las Vegas, NV.

A Future (Pre-)Filled With Potential

We are incredibly proud to be both a veteran-owned business and unrivalled industry leader, and place all our success down to our simple dedication to hard work and continued focus of providing the best US-made sandbags to all corners of this great nation.