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Apex® Canopy Tent Weight Sandbag - Green
Apex® Canopy Tent Weight Sandbag - Green
Apex® Canopy Tent Weight Sandbag - Green
Apex® Canopy Tent Weight Sandbag - Green
Apex® Canopy Tent Weight Sandbag - Green
Apex® Canopy Tent Weight Sandbag - Green
Apex® Canopy Tent Weight Sandbag - Green
Apex® Canopy Tent Weight Sandbag - Green
Apex® Canopy Tent Weight Sandbag - Green

Apex® Canopy Tent Weight Sandbag - Green

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Wondering how to secure your canopy tent for an outdoor event, wedding, party, or farmers market?

Our Apex® Tent Weight Sandbags are the PERFECT solution. They allow you to secure your popup canopy, display tent, or gazebo in three different ways: 1) directly to the tent pole legs using the full-length Velcro® wrap, 2) to the tent corners using the sewn-in adjustable hurricane strap, and 3) to the guyline ropes, cords or strings thanks to the attached, heavy-duty D-ring.

Looking for a quick, secure and attractive to tie down your event, trade show or party tent? Apex canopy tent sandbags are the perfect solution.


  • Best anchor weight solution for securing canopy tents: Customers tell us they've weathered storms that blew other tents away while their tent anchored with Apex sandbags "didn't budge an inch."
  • Faster to setup and safer than stakes. Plus, Apex sandbags can be used in places where drive-in stakes aren't possible.
  • Strong, Full Length Velcro® pocket allows you to quickly secure sandbag to canopy or tent legs.
  • Guyline tie downs: Heavy Duty, sewn-in D-ring allows you to attach sandbag to guyline tie-down cords.
  • Adjustable Hurricane Strap: Enables you to securely clip tent corners directly to the bag for maximum wind stability and safety. When not needed, strap neatly tucks inside built-it pocket.
  • Portable: Built in handle for carrying
  • Clean and Easy to Fill: Complete circle zipper top enables you to fully open top of bag for filling.
  • Small Footprint: Because they are tall, Apex sandbags snug the pole, consuming very little usable space inside the canopy tent.
  • Custom Screen Printing with Your Logo: Offered as an optional add-on option.
  • Standard Shipping is FREE. Plus, we offer quick turnaround on your orders.
  • Made in USA.


  • Dimensions:
  • Fill: You can fill Apex bags with up to 40 lbs of either sand, pea gravel, small river pebbles or stone. THIS BAG SHIPS EMPTY.
  • Material: Bag shell is 1000 Denier Cordura® Nylon Fabric, making Apex bags waterproof, dustproof and highly resistant to rips, punctures or tears.

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faq icon Frequently Asked Questions

How much weight do you need to hold down a 10x10 canopy tent?

While there is no federally published safety standard regarding how much weight is needed to properly secure a 10’ x 10’ tent, many individual jurisdictions do provide safety mandates. From trade-show and convention regulations to farmers market and county fair requirements, we have found most ordinances require 100 lbs (25 lbs per leg) minimum and several requiring up to 160 lbs (40 lbs per leg). As such our Apex Tent Weights are constructed with sturdy carry handles and reinforced fabric to hold up to 40 lbs each.

What is the best way to secure (anchor) an outdoor tent canopy?

When stakes are not a viable option for securing a canopy from dangerous winds, people will look to heavy items to tie off too. We have all seen tents tied down to ice chests, wagons, even unoccupied chairs on the beach – with mixed results. When professionals need to setup a tent, they require a more secure and competent-looking approach. Enter: Apex Canopy Tent Weight Sandbags!

Apex Sandbags won’t roll around or need extra securing. Plus, they're soft, durable, and easy to carry and transport, all of which make Apex Sandbags the perfect canopy tent anchor solution. (Read more.)

Buy Apex Tent Weight Sandbags now. They're the most reliable, long-lasting, attractive, and hard-working canopy tent sandbag on the market.

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