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sandbags for popup tents canopies and awnings

Apex™ Sandbag for tents, canopies and awnings

What's the best sandbag for popup canopy tents and awnings?

You've probably been seeing a lot of popup tents around town lately. That's because they are easy to use and they provide sun and rain shelter for sporting and outdoor events, parties, trade shows, aid stations, street festivals, farmers markets, swap meets, business grand openings and other popup marketing events.

An important consideration when using a popup tent, however, is how to keep it from blowing away in high winds.

How to anchor a popup canopy, tent or awning.

While anchors and ground ropes are a common solution, they may not be the best. Anchors can be difficult to drive into rocky or hard ground, are impossible to use on concrete or indoors, and even in the best cases, anchor ropes are unsightly and a tripping hazard.

A far better way to secure a popup canopy tent is with sandbags.

What's the best sandbag for holding down a popup canopy tent?

That's easy... it's the Apex Tent and Canopy Sandbags from The Sandbag Store are the perfect solution.

Apex Sandbags are designed to hold down almost anything that's held up by poles: portable gazebos, garden or shade canopies, party tents, frame tents, even temporary pole sheds and portable carports.

Each Apex bag holds up to 40 lbs of sand, pea gravel or small pebbles and they can hold down almost any popup tent -- on any type of surface -- in 3 ways to:
1) Fasten directly to the upright poles using the Apex Sandbag's durable, top-to-bottom Velcro sleeve.
2) Attach directly to the tent corners using the sewn-in adjustable-length hurricane strap.
3) Connect using guyline ropes, cords or strings to the Apex Sandbag' heavy-duty D-ring.

Because the Apex Sandbag stands vertically, it takes-up very little room inside the tent. Each Apex Sandbag comes standard with a built-in carry-handle and the bags are fast and easy to fill thanks to their full-circle, fully-opening zipper top.

Plus, Apex Sandbags simply look great! They are available in 6 attractive colors and come with the option of being custom screen printed with your logo or other message, if desired.

Other Details:
Bags ship empty. Sand not included.
Free Shipping to US addresses.
Made in USA.

When it comes to securing a popup canopy tent or awning from high winds, don't take chances. Go with the heavy-duty bag designed specifically for holding down popup canopy tents, gazebos, beach tents, umbrellas, easy ups, ez ups, marquees, and awnings: Apex Sandbag.

Also Available in These Other Popular Colors

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