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Sandbag Selection Guide

The below guide is designed to help our customers select the correct bag for their needs.

Weight/Ballast Sandbags

Use our weight bags to hold down your equipment, to conduct structural weight tests, or any time an affordable heavy weight is needed.

Weight/Ballast Bags - All of our pre-filled weight bags are completely dust and water proof. Internal heat welded plastic liners and polyurethane coated Cordura Nylon fabric ensure dust stays in and water stays out.
 Saddle Sandbags Saddle Sandbags
Saddle Sandbags are the professional's choice whenever heavy weight is needed. Available pre-filled with sand or steel shot, or empty with zippers or Velcro. Choose from over 50 different colors and sizes.
 Shot Bags Shot Bags
Affordable prefilled ballast bags. Super tough Cordura fabric, waterproof coating, sanitized sand fill, and free shipping in the USA. Choose from numerous colors and sizes.
 Butterfly Sandbags Butterfly Sandbags
Sturdy double pocket Fly-Away style sandbags. Choose from 6 colors and 7 different prefilled weights. Optional D-Rings make for easy tie-off to the most unstable equipment.
 DuraBag Sandbags DuraBag Sandbags
Tough outdoor sandbags with an astounding 5 year UV rating! EPA compliant gravel bag conforms to the most stringent spec. High mullen burst strength to withstand equipment and vehicle run-overs.
Anchor BagsAnchor Bags
Heavy Duty anchor bags hold up to 70lbs. Includes sturdy D-ring for secure attachment to inflatables, soccer goals, trampolines or anything that needs to be tied down.
Canopy SandbagsCanopy Sandbags
Protect your pop-up tent from dangerous winds with these ultra high quality Canopy Sandbags. Velcro pole attachment and zippered top opening. Choose from numerous colors and pack quantities.