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sandbags for exercise fitness training

10 lbs, 25 lbs, & 50 lbs Sandbags for exercise & fitness training

What are the best sandbags for lifting in your home gym, ruck running, high-intesity crossFit training... or just a good exercise workout?

No doubt about it, sandbag fitness is taking the world by storm. And that's because it helps to build 'functional' strength, coordination, stability and overall lean-muscle toughness. That's perfect for anyone who wants to increase confidence and improve abilities at sports, physically demanding work or just a general healthy lifestyle. Sandbags are so portable that their perfect for outdoors workouts. And results from sandbag training come a lot faster than what traditional weight training can deliver.

You'll find an endless number of exercises with sandbags. But some of our favorites are the simplist: throw the bag over shoulder for military-style ruck running or hug the sandbag close to your chest or hold across your shoulders behid your neck for squats.

So, what are the best sandbags for exercise workouts and fitness training?

In terms of durability, versatility and price... nothing else can match the Lotus™ exercise sandbags from The Sandbag Store.

These bags were designed by US Military veterans to be thrown, dragged, slammed, pushed, and pulled without bursting, ripping or leaking.


  • Ballistic Cordura nylon outer shell is comfortable yet durable.
  • Two tough inner layers: Plastic vapor barrier plus thick, polyester felt layer assure that all sweat, grease and dirt stay out... and the fill stays in.
  • Easy-grip, 7" soft-stuff Cordura nylon handles.
  • Bags are shipped factory filled and sealed. No need to find fill or worry about the bags ever leaking.
  • Free shipping to US addresses.
  • Backed by a 1-Year Durability Guarantee.
  • Made in the USA.

Lotus 50 lb Workout Sandbags are also available in these popular colors:

Don't buy some 'bargain' brand of workout sandbag that may quickly start ripping, tearing or leaking from the heavy workouts.

Lotus 10 lbs yoga sandbags, 25 lbs fitness sandbags and 50 lbs workout sandbags are durable, long-lasting and very affordable. Lotus workout bags were built to take a beating!

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