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sandbags for film production

DropWeight™ bag (just one of our many specialized film sandbags)

What's the best sandbag for film studio and video production?

Because the many uses for sandbags on a film production set, The Sandbag Store offers a line of lighting and grip sandbags designed specifically for the film industry.

We offer:

  • Saddle Sandbags for holding down and counterweighting light stands, C-stands, tripods and boom arms.
  • Butterfly Sandbags, also commonly used for anchoring stands but has the handle fastened to the each end of the bag (rather than down the middle). This allows for easily "releases" from your stands and booms.
  • Versatile DropWeight Rigging Bags with an adjustable-length strap handle and stainless steel double D-ring and clasp.
  • Circular Sandbags and Apex Tent Weights for anchoring various types of poles, pipes and posts.

Anyone who's ever worked on a film set understands the importance of safety - for the cast, the crew and the expensive equipment. And because sandbags are so portable and versatile, they're the most commonly entrusted way to prevent dangerous tip-overs and knock-overs of tripods, C-stands, boom arms and other equipment are sandbags.

Looking for the best (or hard to find) film and video sandbags? You'll find them in the Lighting and Grip section of The Sandbag Store