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sandbags for landscaping

Geotextile bags for earthbag landscaping projects

What's the best sandbag for landscaping?

Looking for an attractive, inexpensive way to landscape your lawn or build raised garden beds? Geotextile sandbags (earthbags) from The Sandbag Store are an affordable, durable, long-lasting landscaping solution.

Many landscaping projects can be accomplished quickly and inexpensively with the use of 'earthbags.' (These are simply sandbags filled with your local soil rather than with sand.) And nothing produces better earthbags than Geotextile bags from The Sandbag Store.

Just fill our Geotextile bags about 3/4 full with your local soil, fold the open ends underneath, and arrange or stack them as you would with concrete blocks or regular bricks.

The benefit of using our polypropyleen, non-woven, needle-punched, Geotextile bags is that they allow water and air to pass through -- leaving you with dried, hardened soil, earthbag bricks. Since these bags are are non-biodegradable, they won't rot, mildew or break down from soil or sand contact or harsh weather.

Our Geotextile bags rated at 500 hours of UV sun exposure resistance so to make them last for years, you'll want to plaster over the sun-exposed surfaces with a cement-based stucco or regular cement plaster.

And if your landscaping project has much height to it (such as raised gardening beds), you may want to insert PVC pipe "weep holes" periodically between the earthbag bricks to relieve the pressure of water from build-up behind during heavy rains.

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If you're considering a landscaping project, don't waste your time and energy with inferior materials. Choose affordable, durable and long-lasting Geotextile sandbags (earthbags) from The Sandbag Store.