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sandbags for soccer goals

Titan® Anchor Sandbag for soccer goals

What's the best sandbag for soccer goals?

Titan Anchor Sandbags™ from The Sandbag Store are the perfect soccer goal anchor bags. Their designed to prevent soccer goals from moving or tipping regardless of the goal size or model AND on every type of surface -- both indoors and outside.

Made with tough 18 oz. waterproof vinyl, each Titan Anchor Sandbag holds up to 70 lbs of sand. The bags are easy to carry with to their sturdy, thermoplastic rubber carry handle and quick to fill thanks to their built-in Velcro closure. Titan Anchor Sandbags measure 12” x 24” x 4” and are guaranteed to hold up outdoors for a minimum of 3-years. Plus, each bag has a metal carabiner clip and rust resistant, stainless steel D-ring that's rated to hold over 1,000 lbs.

Soccer should be fun AND safe. That's why you need soccer goal weights that you can trust -- Titan Anchor Sandbags.

Available in These 7 Popular Colors

Please Note: The Consumer Product Safety Commission cautions that movable soccer goals can fall over and kill or injure children who climb on them or hang from the crossbar. They suggest that movable soccer goals be securely anchored or counter-weighted at all times. (

To provide maximum counterbalance and security, simply spread each side of the Titan anchor bag on opposite sides of the frame base, near the goal's back corners.

Please consult with your goal's manufacturer for their recommended amount of anchor weight.