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sandbags for trampolines

Titan® Anchor Sandbag for soccer goals

What's the best sandbag for holding down a trampoline?

Because trampolines have such a large surface area, did you that it takes no more than 40 mph winds to send a trampoline airborne? Once that happens, it can become tangled in power lines, create tremendous amounts of home and property damage and/or, in the worst case scenario, injure or kill someone.

But, even on a calm day, overly-rambunctious jumpers can cause a trampoline to tumble. So anchoring a trampoline is critical.

How to keep a trampoline from blowing away

To prevent a trampoline from flying away, it should be safely secured AT THE SAME TIME THE TRAMPOLINE IS SET UP. Do not wait for storm warnings before planning and completing this important safety step.

While trampoline ground-anchors are one way to secure a trampoline from moving or blowing away, they can be costly, their anchor straps create the risk of someone tripping, the anchors can be difficult to install (especially in rocky or very dry, hard soil), and installing them on concrete patio or wooden deck often requires hiring a professional.

A safe, reliable and easier way to secure a trampoline is with the use of sandbags. And the best sandbag for that job is the Titan Anchor Sandbag from The Sandbag Store.

Holding up to 70 lbs each, simply drape one or more Titan Anchor Sandbags over each base of the trampoline legs. For optimal stability, the Titan Anchor Sandbag's stitched, black middle band should be aligned directly over top the metal leg ground-tubes. When set in this manner, the spread-open bag is straddling the trampoline ground-tubes.


  • Titan Anchor Sandbags ship empty. Each bag can be filled with up to 70lbs of sand or gravel.
  • Material: Constructed of tough, 18oz. waterproof vinyl. Designed to last a minimum of 3 years outdoors.
  • Durable grip handle makes carrying and positioning easy
  • Each bag comes with a sewn-in heavy duty D-ring and carabiner hardware that can be used for quick strapping and fastening.
  • Free shipping to US addresses.
  • Made in USA

Titan Anchor Sandbags are available in these 7 popular colors

WARNING: Optimal amount of weight needed to secure a trampoline varies between sizes and models. Please check your trampoline owner's manual or contact the manufacturer for recommendations.