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sandbags for back of truck

Tube Sandbags for truck bed

What's the best sandbag for a truck bed to improve winter traction?

If your truck has a difficult time going up-hill in the snow or tens to spin-out under slick or web conditions, chances are you need more weight in the back? And adding a few sandbags in the truck bed, centered over the rear axle is often an easy, affordable, safe and effective way to improve a truck's stability and traction. (Any farther back than over the rear axle -- such as up against the tailgate -- may raise the front end of the vehicle and cause additional handling difficulties.)

SAFETY NOTES: 1) Adding trunk weight will not improve traction when driving on ice and 2) adding weight to the trunk is not normally recommended for Front Wheel Drive, Four-Wheel Drive or All Wheel Drive vehicles. These vehicles already have a great deal of weight over the drive wheels that require the most traction.

How much weight should I add to the truck bed for improved traction?

It's best to check your vehicle's owner's manual for the safe vehicle payload. (Too much weight can compromise your vehicle's safety, stopping ability and fuel efficiency.) As a general guide, start with 250-300 lbs for 1/2 ton pickups or 300-400 lbs for 3/4 to 1-ton pickups. From there, you may find that you need more or less through trial and error.

What's the best sandbag for adding weight to the bed of a truck for improved snow traction? It's the Tube Sandbags from The Sandbag Store.


  • Choose from 4 Lengths: 2-foot, 3-foot, 4-foot or 5-foot lengths. All lengths measure 5-inches high and 5-inches wide when full.
  • Material: Constructed of water resistant outdoor fabric with guaranteed 3 year, outdoor life.
  • Fill: Bags ship empty.
  • Recommended maximum fill-weight: (10 lbs per foot)
      2’ = 20 lbs
      3’ = 30 lbs
      4’ = 40 lbs
      5’ = 50 lbs
  • Features:
    Velcro end closure for fast end-to-end filling. Seals securely to prevent contents from leaking.
    Sewn-in strap handles allow for easy carrying and positioning. (During times of extended dry weather, consider removing Tube Sandbags to improve gas mileage.)
    Tube sandbags are very safe and stable (unlike other forms of weight like cement blocks that can shift around or become dangerous in the event of an accident).
  • Made in USA.
  • Free Shipping to US addresses.

Choose From These Popular Colors

If you're looking for the best truck bed sandbags for improved snow traction or simply a better ride, nothing else performs as well as Tube Sandbags from The Sandbag Store.