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workout sandbags for fitness training

Lotus™ 10 lbs, 25 lbs, and 50 lbs workout sandbags

What's the best workout sandbag for exercise and fitness training?

When shopping for fitness sandbags there are a lot of factors to consider. And in terms of durability, weight, size, stability and cost, you won't find a better fitness or training sandbag than Lotus bags.

If you've spent much time training with sandbags, you know they work. Because the "fill" is constantly shifting and the shear size and somewhat awkward shape of the bags make workout sandbags more unpredicatable and challenging, they're great pieces of equipment for building grip, power, strength and coordination.

It doesn't matter if you're just starting a fitness program, are an athlete focusing on conditioning or a competitive weight lifter, sandbag training can help you reach your fitness goals in ways that traditional weights never could.

The benefits of sandbag workouts include:

  • Sandbag training is fun: there are countless ways you can exercise with sandbags... carry them, lift them, press them, throw them, drag them, run with them... you name it.
  • Training sandbags are convenient: they allow you to exercise outdoors, at a friend's place, or in the convenience of your home gym. (Speaking of home gyms, performing heavy lifts and playing rough with a fitness sandbag won't cause even a fraction of the damage that dropping live weights can quickly and easily do to a home gym.)
  • Lifting with sandbags is challenging: in the beginning, you should expect to lift only half the weight you'd normally lift with a barbell.
  • Sandbag exercises work entire muscle groups rather than isolating individual muscles: This helps to develop functional, real-world strength and control. (Nothing is better for developing your core or trunk muscles, shoulders, legs and back.)
  • Fitness sandbags are affordable: In general, training sandbags tend to cost a fraction of what you'd pay for a weight set or workout machine.

The problem with many other brands of workout sandbags

When you talk to fans of fitness sandbags, they'll often mention how they had previously bought bags that burst after just a few workouts, or the handles tore. Perhaps the stitching began to unravel, zippers ripped or Velcro closures failed. So, those bags quickly started leaking fill. Or the bags simply become soft, squishy and difficult to lift.

How Lotus fitness bags are different

Lotus fitness bags were designed by US Military veterans to be rugged and long-lasting. In fact, we back all Lotus bag purchases with a full, 1-year durability guarantee!

Lotus fitness sandbags are factory filled and sealed -- so there are no zippers or Velcro to mess with. Constructed with 3 layers of fabric, these bags are comfortable and non-chaffing on the outside, built like steel on the inside. So dirt and moisture stay out while the filling stays in. They come standard with soft, 7", non-abrasive handles and are available in 3 factory-filled and sealed weights: 10lbs yoga sandbags, 25lbs fitness sandbag and 50lbs workout sandbags. So they can accommodate a wide variety of exercises.

Plus, they are affordable, made in the USA and ship free to US addresses.

If you're looking for serious workout sandbags that'll take a beating, Lotus training sandbags are for you.

Lotus Fitness Sandbags are available in these popular colors:

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