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sandbags for earthbag construction

DuraBag Sandbags for Earthbag House & Other Building Construction

What's the Best Sandbag for Earthbag Building Construction?

The success of an earthbuilding construction project depends largely on the bags you use.

Here are 5 factors to consider when shopping for bags for an earthbag construction project:

  1. Strength: Bags must hold up to enormous amounts of weight and pressure without bursting, stretching or ripping.
  2. Durability: Bags must withstand moisture and weather conditions -- especially if you are using a looser soil. This is important because the bags will be responsible for holding the contents solid through the life of the structure. But even when using a very firm fill-material, the bags must be UV resistant long enough to remain strong until construction has been completed and you've had time to permanently protect the walls from sun exposure.
  3. Permeability: Bags must allow for moisture and air to permeate, enabling the soil-fill to dry and harden.
  4. Availability and affordability: You'll may well be needing thousands of bags, so cost and ease of access are important.
  5. Size: Bags should be large enough so that your walls are stable but not so large that the filled bags are difficult to carry and move into position

When considering these factors, one bag stands out from all others: It's DuraBag™ from The Sandbag Store.

DuraBags excel in every one of the 5 areas. That's because they are made from high-strength, non-biodegradable polyethylene, breathable mesh fabric and treated to be UV resistant for 5-years!

DuraBag specs:

  1. 380 PSI burst strength. (You can drive over them with a vehicle without damaging them.)
  2. Specially treated to be 5-year UV resistance.
  3. Mesh design allows air and moisture to escape while holding the soil in as it dries.
  4. Available in 50-bag and 100-bag packs and shipped free to anywhere in the US.
  5. Measures 14" x 26" with max fill weight of 50 lbs.
  6. All orders ship free to US addresses.
  7. When done right, earthbag construction can produce extremely sturdy, comfortable, affordable, well insulated, and long-lasting homes, out-buildings, storage cellars, shelters or even small landscaping and garden walls.

    Unfortunately, many people pour lots of time and energy into building their dream earthbag building -- only to have bags weaken, deteriorate and dissolve before the construction project is completed. And that is a shame because premium-quality DuraBags often cost little or no more than 'bargain' bags.

    If you're looking for the best bags for an earthbag construction project, don't take the mistake of buying inferior earthbags. Go with the best: strong, durable, UV, moisture and weather resistant DuraBags from The Sandbag Store.

    DuraBags are available in these colors:

    How can we sell top-quality DuraBags at prices that can't be beat?

    When you buy from The Sandbag Store, you're buying directly from the manufacturer... based here in the USA. We never sell through middlemen or distributors. So you can be sure:

    1) We know sandbags like no one else!
    You can trust our bags to perform up to the standards we say they will.

    2) You'll never get counterfeit, knock-off bags.
    You'll be receiving authentic, top-quality Sandbag Store bags.