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sandbags for erosion control

DuraBag Sandbags for erosion control

What's the best sandbag for erosion control?

The purpose of any erosion control sandbags is to let the water flow through -- while filtering and holding back soil, shoreline sand and sediment. And good erosion control bags should hold up well through years of heavy storms, sun exposure and inclement weather.

All of this makes DuraBag™ sandbags from The Sandbag Store the perfect solution for erosion control jobs.

Features include:

  • When filled with gravel or small stone, these long-lasting polyethylene mesh fabric bags are air and water permeable.
  • Non-biodegradable so they won't deteriorate when in contact with sand, soil or outdoor weather exposure.
  • So durable they can withstand vehicle run-overs
  • Feature an amazing 5-year UV resistance (the longest of ANY standard sandbag).
  • The steel bag ties included with each order make filling, sealing, moving and positioning a breeze.
  • Very affordable and US shipping is always free.
  • Manufactured in the USA.

Whether you need to stop coastal erosion, beach erosion, slope or soil erosion, don't make the mistake of using inferior sandbags for your erosion control projects. Go with the durable, long-lasting erosion sandbag: DuraBag sandbags from The Sandbag Store.

Available in these popular colors:

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