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sandbags for photography

Saddle Sandbag for light stands (Black)

What's the best sandbag for light stands?

Replacing a broken light or camera, isn't cheap. So don't take the chance of securing them with cheap sandbags. The BEST sandbag for light stands is the Saddle Sandbag from The Sandbag Store.

These Saddle Sandbags are attractive, extremely-durable, resistant to ripping or leaking and will last a lifetime. They're convenient because they arrive to you prefilled and factory-sealed with your choice of with or sand or steel shot fill (shot allows for smaller, more compact bags).

This Saddle Sandbag is ideal for holding down and stabilizing a normal light stand, microphone boom arm, tripod, C-stand or almost ANYTHING that could tip over when placed on a stand.

Planning to use these bags outdoors? No problem! Cordura™ nylon fabric is the same material used in making tents, hiking boots, even life jackets. So you can rest assured this bag will handle almost any conditions you'll be working under.

Because larger or higher stands require more anchoring weight, our filled, factory-sealed Saddle Sandbag is available in 8 different weights: 5,10,15,20,25,30,35 and 50lbs.


  • Water-resistant 1000D black Cordura nylon fabric with urethane coating on inside of bag.
  • 1.5" Wide, double-stitched handle makes carrying and positioning easy.
  • Built-in fold makes these bags ideal for draping over equipment stand legs and feet.
  • Choose from 8 bag colors and 11 different handle colors.
  • Fill: Your choice of sand or steel shot. (Steel shot allow for heavier weight within smaller-sized bag.)
  • Optional Add-On: Custom screen printed with your logo or other information.
  • Very Affordable. (We even provide free shipping.)
  • Made in USA

Light stands and equipment are usually light weight, fragile and ever-so-easy to tip or knock over. Don't take the risk of breaking equipment or injuring someone. Buy the most solid and dependable sand bag for securing your light stands... the Saddle Sandbag from The Sandbag Store.

Available in These 8 Popular Colors

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