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sandbags for roof tarps

DuraBag Sandbags for roof tarps

What's the Best Sandbag for Roof Tarps?

If you ever have roof damage from hail, fallen trees, fire damage, or hurricane winds -- emergency roof tarping is critical.

Properly positioned and secured plastic tarps can prevent costly, secondary water damage that could compromise the strength of the roof itself, damage insulation, stain ceilings and walls, or encourage the growth of mold. And it can happen in just a few days, as you're waiting for insurance adjusters or roof repairs.

Anchor boards and screws are one way of securing an emergency roof tarp, but screws and nails can make even more holes in your roof -- which brings the risk of creating even more leaks.

How can you tarp a roof without screws or nails?
One good option is to secure roof tarps with sandbags.

Here is what it looks like when you tarp a roof with sandbags:

And what's the best sandbag for tarping a roof?

Many roofing and construction professionals choose DuraBags from The Sandbag Store. Here's why:

  • DuraBags are highly UV Resistant, so they won't deteriorate before more permanent repairs can be completed.
  • DuraBags are durable, with a remarkable 380 PSI burst strength.
  • DuraBags are affordable. Since you're buying directly from the manufacturer, we're able to sell these professional-quality bags at discounted prices.
  • DuraBags are easy to carry and position. With a size of 14" x 26", DuraBags offer enough weight to hold your roof tarp down in heavy winds, yet are easy to handle.

DuraBags are available in these popular colors:

Please note: If you choose to use sand rather than pea gravel as your 'fill', be sure to select the 'Sand Liner' option at the time of purchase. This inner layer will contain your sand while the DuraBag® works as an outer protective shell.