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Yoga Sandbag (Filled & Sealed 10 lb) Burgundy - Lotus®
Yoga Sandbag (Filled & Sealed 10 lb) Burgundy - Lotus®
Yoga Sandbag (Filled & Sealed 10 lb) Burgundy - Lotus®
Yoga Sandbag (Filled & Sealed 10 lb) Burgundy - Lotus®
Yoga Sandbag (Filled & Sealed 10 lb) Burgundy - Lotus®
Yoga Sandbag (Filled & Sealed 10 lb) Burgundy - Lotus®
Yoga Sandbag (Filled & Sealed 10 lb) Burgundy - Lotus®
Yoga Sandbag (Filled & Sealed 10 lb) Burgundy - Lotus®
Yoga Sandbag (Filled & Sealed 10 lb) Burgundy - Lotus®

Yoga Sandbag (Filled & Sealed 10 lb) Burgundy - Lotus®

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Shopping for the best yoga, pilates or light workout bag?

Lotus® 10 lb pre-filled yoga sand bags are designed specifically for yin or restorative yoga, pilates or other light duty strengthening and lengthening workouts. They're the perfect, versatile yoga prop for taking you deeper into a yoga stretch, adding a little resistance or helping induce relaxation.


$54.50/each for the first yoga sandbag purchased on your order.
$49.50/each for the 2nd and all additional bags on your order.
Free Shipping on all orders.

Clean and Comfortable:

Triple layer fabric design provides padding for comfort and a vapor barrier. This ensures that sand and dust stay in while sweat and water stay out. (This is a yoga bag that won't break or leak!) The comfortable, sturdy, long-lasting double handles make for endless exercise options.

7" long handles are wrapped in Soft-Stuff Cordura nylon material which helps prevent damage to hands.

1-Year Warranty:

Lotus™ bags come with a full, 1-year warranty.


10" x 18"


10 lbs (Just right for most yoga and moderate weight workouts)

Quality Materials:

Padded 3-layer Fabric
- Outer Shell: Ballistic Cordura nylon
- Middle Layer: Plastic vapor barrier
- Inner Layer: Thick polyester felt padding
- Fill: Chip sand.

Other Benefits:

- Lotus™ Yoga Sandbags come filled and sewn closed, ready for you to exercise with.
- Quantity discount sale pricing available (ideal for yoga studios or yoga classes).
- Free shipping in the continental US.
- Made in the USA by the experts at The Sandbag Store.

Available in These Other Popular Colors (perhaps one is the the exact color to match your yoga mat or other fitness workout accessories):

The perfect 'helper' for many popular poses

This post at Yoga International offers just a sampling the many yoga poses that can benefit from use of a weighted yoga sandbag.

  • Mountain pose
  • Head to knee pose
  • Supported child's pose
  • Reclining hero pose
  • Supported bridge pose
  • Crocodile
  • Revolved belly pose
  • Legs up the wall pose

We shared the Lotus yoga bag with a group of yoga students. Here were their reviews

"I am not a serious yogi so the last thing I need is more workout accessories or yoga props to lug around, but using this sandbag sure seems to help with a lot of the yoga poses (and even makes them more fun and interesting). I feel much more aware of my posture and I appreciate how the bag helps me to ease deeper into the yoga stretches without straining. The handles are comfortable and everything about this bag seems to well built and easy to keep clean. It looks like it should hold up well for a very long time. I read somewhere that it's even relaxing to just lie with the weight of the bag on my stomach, focusing on my breath. I've found that to be true."

"The quality of this yoga bag seems to be outstanding and it is so comfortable! Plus, it's great that I didn't have to fill it. It's not too heavy so I just roll it inside my yoga mat and I'm ready to go."

"I love that this yoga bag comes pre filled so there is no need to round up, weigh and fill it with sand. The fabric is comfortable yet the cover appears to repel sweat and stay really clean. It is a great price great considering how well it is constructed plus the free shipping. I've recommended it to several other people at our yoga studio."

"It's Wonderful. It looks beautiful and there are no gritty sand leaks!"

Frequently asked questions

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about Lotus yoga bags. If you have other questions, we're here to help. Please contact us.

Does it come in other weights?

In addition to the 10 lb yoga bag, we also offer 25 lb fitness and 50 lb training bags.

Can it be used for any other exercises?

Absolutely! There are lots of ways to use weighted bags in your fitness program -- in addition to yoga. Womens Health magazine has a guide illustrating just a few examples of Sand Bag Workouts. But once you become more familiar with using yoga bags in your workouts, you'll probably think of many other applications. The weight of sand bags can even be a helpful accessory in meditation.

Is it washable?

Wipeable, yes. Washable, no. Since the fabric has seams, water may seep in if the bags are submerged. However, the bags are presealed at the factory to prevent sand from leaking out or moisture from getting in. Plus, the Ballistic Cordura nylon outer shell is water resistant. When used for yoga or other fitness applications, you shouldn't need to do more than simply wipe down your bag.

Is there a quantity discount or studio price?

Yoga classes, fitness groups, and equipment stores enjoy our distributor pricing - automatically applied on all orders of 25 bags or more.Whether you order 1 bag or 100, they all qualify for free shipping.

Will it leak sand?

Because these yoga bags are filled and sealed in the factory AND the 3 layers of fabric make them extremely durable (nearly indestructable when used for yoga or other fitness purposes), these yoga bags should never leak. Lotus bags come with a 1-year durability warranty.

I've never heard of Lotus brand yoga products. Where are they made? Do you make mats?

Lotus bags are a Sandbag Store exclusive. We are America's sandbag experts -- so we don't make yoga mats or other yoga accessories or yoga props. Lotus brand products are manufactured in the US.

How fast is the shipping?

If an order is placed before 5PM PST we almost always have it shipped by the following business day. And while we offer UPS 3 Day Select, UPS 2nd Day Air, and UPS Next Day Air shipping options, these can be pricey -- especially for heavy, prefilled products such as these yoga bags. We strongly encourage customers to take advantage of our Free Shipping option which utilizes USPS Priority Mail. The Post Office suggests that you allow 3-4 days for Priority Mail packages to arrive to most continental US addresses.

Is the cover made of cotton?

Yoga programs often benefit from warm environments, which can trigger a lot of sweat. Just as you probably wouldn't want to use a cotton yoga mat, the last thing you want is a cotton yoga bag that absorbs sweat. Our Ballistic Cordura Nylon allows Lotus bags to be comfortable to the touch, easy to grip and water-repellent. The 7" long handles are wrapped in Soft-Stuff Cordura nylon.

Do these ever go on sale?

Considering how well these prefilled 10 lb yoga bags are built and the fact that we offer free shipping, we don't run coupons or sales. We've made every effort to price Lotus yoga bags as low as possible.

I have other questions about Lotus® yoga, fitness and training accessories.

Contact us at 800-550-1235 (M-F 8AM-4PM Pacific Time).

Yoga Sandbag (Filled & Sealed 10 lb) Burgundy - Lotus® PRODUCT REVIEWS